Monday, December 12, 2011


I passed my Practical part of the State Board exam. This is great! I was totally scared and blah blah blah about it. But once I got in there, it was SO easy. I always get myself more wound up about things than I should be. But, this also means I have to start thinking about my life. um....ugh. I have 400 hours left at school. That is NUTS. School has flown by, but I think that is wonderfulllllll!

So as for this weekend, Emily and I got a hotel up in Ogden. That's where the test was, and it was a 8:30am so it only made sense to go up the night before. Definitely sketchy though. We pull up to our hotel, and there are only like 4 cars in the parking lot...and then we notice it's right across the street from a truck rest stop. Creeeeepy. We made ourselves some dinner and watched some Law & Order, and then studied for our test. We constantly kept second guessing ourselves, and thinking we were going to forget things, but, of course we didn't. The morning of the test came, and we got ourselves a nice free continental breakfast from the hotel. That means yummy belgian waffles, bagels, and juice! I was stuffed. Then we got to the test, and the place wasn't even open. But then when we got into the waiting room, Emily was asking the other girls what school they were from and things like that. Two of them were from a school in Provo which shall not be named. They were grumps, and didn't want to talk to any of us. There is a reason other hair schools have bad reputations with the girls. And these two were a prime example. The test was great, except one of the ladies reminded of this precious gem:
Yes, we all know and love her from Monster's Inc, but really. I could not get the image of her out of my mind. Maybe that's what helped me get through the test. Then after you are done, you wait like 10 more minutes and as you walk out the door, they hand you your results. You get two papers and literally all it says on them is Cosmetology: Pass and Barber: Pass. Those are the only two words I needed to see though! I screamed and jumped around a little bit. Pretty much the best news. And I am SO glad to be done with it! Now I will have to take my written portion sometime soon, and then finish up my hours and I will be done! Hallelujah!

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